2019 Retrospective: Travellers provided some interesting content

In 2019, we decided to work together with various content creators to introduce Kranj to the world. We are honoured that we had the opportunity to meet so many great photographers, bloggers and travellers.


We look forward to more such collaborations this year!


Inge Moerenhout

The former Belgian TV presenter (pictured above) has made a successful career with her love for travel, fashion and blogging. What impressed her most in Kranj were Panorama Stara pošta, Krištof restaurant, Brdo Park and the proximity to nature. 


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Magdalena Krężałek and Piotr Kroczak

Magdalena and Piotr are fans of nature and they really like small towns so it’s no wonder that they were pleasantly surprised by Kranj. They were most fascinated by the beauty of nature so close to the city.

You can follow them at:
Magdalena Krężałek
IG: @m.the.travelist
FB: M the Travelist
www: dobrze-podrozowac.pl 


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Piotr Kroczak
IG: @bienvoyager |@1001pas
FB: Bien Voyager | 1001 pas
www: bien-voyager.com | 1001-pas.fr 
YouTube: Bien Voyager


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My Hammock Time

Sonja and Jerry from Kranj decided to move to Switzerland in 2012. They love to travel and are fans of active lifestyle and healthy eating. So they started writing about their adventures in the blog My Hammock Time, and last summer, this is where they posted some of new impressions from their place of birth.

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Federico Graziati

His favourite photographic motifs are mountains and lighthouses, and the hill of Jamnik has long been on the list of places he wanted to visit. He is certainly not the only one who succumbed to its charm, even if the weather was not exactly ideal at his visit. 


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Christine Polz

This fashion photographer is most attracted to nature and analogue photography. She was impressed with the town centre, which, despite its small size, does not disappoint, as it has such diverse history and culture, many events, charming streets and townhouses.


You can follow her at:

Nejc Draganjec

We are honoured to be able to work with the award-winning photographer Nejc Draganjac. His photographs are truly breathtaking, so it is no surprise that his work is highly regarded both in Slovenia and abroad.


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