5 most popular tours in Kranj

07. 07. 2022

The city on a rock, rising high above the Sava and Kokra rivers, has many interesting experiences to offer! Rich culture and history intertwine with refreshing nature, calling out to be explored. Take a look at the guided tours that are most popular with visitors to Kranj.



Tunnels under the old town of Kranj


Beneath the town centre lies a network of tunnels built during World War II. Fortunately, the tunnels never had to be used for their original purpose as a bomb shelter, but today one of their tourist attractions is an air raid simulation. Although the tunnels are man-made, the climate, which is similar to that of natural caves, has led to the colonisation of several rare cave animals. With a bit of luck, you might spot cave locusts and orb-weaving cave spiders.


For all those who love the digital world, there is also a guided tour of the tunnels, enhanced with a digital experience! Through 15 digitised points, you will discover the most important milestones of Kranj’s history and catch a glimpse of the stories lived on this conglomerate rock. Find out what the first settlements looked like, feel the pulse of the city at the time of the medieval fairs, see what life was like for the townspeople back in the day and much more.


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Classic guided tour of Kranj


Discover the sights, the people and the stories of a city with 6000 years of history! Experienced tour guides will lead you through the charming city centre. You will walk in the footsteps of the great poet Dr. France Prešeren, discover important historical landmarks and admire the facades of beautiful townhouses. Let the rich history and affection for art, which you will feel in the many cultural events and the lively art scene, enchant you!


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The Heads or Tails experience


This experience is determined by a coin toss – if you flip a number, we go left, if you flip a head, we go right. You will discover 14 points of interest that are in one way or another linked to Dr France Prešeren. You will play with the dualities and contradictions of this great Slovenian poet and the city of Kranj.


The Heads or Tails experience will take you to an unusual visit to the Prešeren House, the Prešeren Theatre, the Prešerniana Collection and the Prešeren Grove. You will be able to taste some vegan cake with crunchy onion from the best local bakery and figs from the Figa delicatessen. You will have a photo on glass taken, an everlasting memory of your unforgettable visit to Kranj. The rest of the tour will remain a mystery to be revealed by the toss of a coin. Where should it flip, on the number or the head?


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Kokra River Canyon


The gurgling of the river, singing of birds, the refreshing breeze and the natural shade will accompany you on a guided tour of the Kokra River Canyon, right next to the city centre of Kranj. With its depth of 30 metres, the canyon is considered a great city landmark. It is the second highest urban canyon in Europe!


Tour guides will lead you along a circular route that winds through the canyon. Along the way, you will learn about the diverse flora and fauna of the canyon and see the many signs to the long coexistence of man and nature here.

Let the energy of nature fill you with enthusiasm!


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The Cabinet of Janez Puhar


Take a journey to the time of inventor Janez Puhar and explore the world of illusions, puzzles and photography!


Janez Puhar was a master of many skills, and in 1842 he made history as the inventor of photography on glass. In his new cabinet, you can wander through the museum room, which offers an insight into the life and work of the first Slovenian photographer. The Room of Illusions will play with your perception of the world. In the 19th-century photographic studio, you can dress up in the clothes of the time and capture a moment in eternity with a camera obscura. You will have the chance to take home a photograph of yourself on glass. Adventure lovers should not miss the “Hunt for the lost photo”, where you will discover hidden corners of Kranj and its history through riddles and codes, or the “Secret Laboratory”, in which you will make use of riddles, codes and coded messages to reveal the untold secret of Puhar.


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