5 Tips for Nature Lovers

Nature lovers will feel right at home in Kranj. The meadows, forests and hills here offer countless opportunities to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and dive into nature. To help you decide where to start, here are five suggestions on how and where to experience the green town of Kranj.


But for now, follow instructions and stay at home so that life can go back to normal as soon as possible. This is when you will be welcome to explore nature in Kranj and its surroundings in order to find harmony in its positive energy.


Kokra River and its canyon

This green oasis in the middle of the town is a 30 meter deep gorge through which the Kokra River flows. It is the second deepest urban gorge in Europe. Listen to the melody of the river and the chirping of birds and stroll through the rich flora and fauna of this pearl of nature. Further up the river, between Kranj and Preddvor, there is an educational trail that you can explore on foot or by bicycle.





Prešeren's Grove

A quiet walk through this memorial park is particularly pleasant in the summer heat when you can find many refreshing spots to sit under the trees. There are some monuments and tombstones of famous Slovenians in this park, among them also the monument to the poet who wrote the Slovenian national anthem of today, Dr. France Prešeren. In warmer weather, the park is a great place for friends to meet and also for various activities such as yoga, meditation and slackline.





Surrounding hills for easy trekking

Kranj has a rich cultural heritage, as well as beautiful nature that is very much within reach. Lovers of easy hiking trails will be delighted to hear that there are some lower hills in Kranj and the surrounding area that offer an excellent opportunity for relaxation and often even great food. The most popular hills among locals are Šmarjetna gora and Sveti Jošt, both are just a few minutes' drive from the town centre. The hill of Jamnik will surely impress you with its breathtakingly beautiful view, admired by people from far and wide. You are also invited to explore all the other hills that certainly attractive as well.





Rural charm

Being in touch with nature and feeling the hospitality of people in the countryside, these are the kind of experiences that you will enjoy remembering and keeping in your heart. Explore the rural side of Kranj and its surrounding villages like Naklo and Jezersko. Spend some time at a holiday farm or another countryside accommodation or treat yourself to the delicious food served at local inns or the farms that are opening their doors to visitors. We assure you that you will be amazed by the homeliness and friendliness to which you will always be happy to return.



Jošt Gantar, www.slovenia.info



Green mobility

We are proud that Kranj will soon be awarded the Slovenia Green label that has the aim of developing sustainable tourism in Slovenia. Kranj offers a number of green mobility options – for example, an electric vehicle can drive you around the city centre free of charge, or you can explore the city and its surroundings with a rented bicycle or electric bike, or even rent an electric car. However, since everything is very close in Kranj, we invite you to simply take some trips around the town on foot.


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