Conquering the peaks in the company of mountain guides

Can you hear the call of the mountains, but do not have enough experience to take the courage and answer this call? Together with experienced mountain guides, we offer you the opportunity of a guided and safe ascent (and descent) to some of the most beautiful peaks in Slovenia. May this autumn be in the sign of fresh mountain air, untouched nature, unforgettable views and new friendships.



The mighty 2000-meter peak rises above Kranj and stands out in its panorama of mountains. It is part of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and has been climbed by many people from Kranj, so it is also a must for every true mountaineer who visits this city. Since you have to overcome a full 1400 meters in altitude to get to the top, a little more physical fitness is required. Your mountain guides, the famous Štremfeljs, make sure that your climb is safe and full of interesting experiences.


Veliki vrh and Veliko Kladivo

Conquer one of the easiest ridges in the Karawanken mountain range of Slovenia. The path takes you past the hut on Kofce, which was declared the “Best Mountain Hut of 2019” and is known for its delicious štruklji.



Kočna is a mighty peak in the middle of the mountain scenery of Kranj. Its western ridge offers a long but not too difficult tour with exceptional views in wild and remote nature. On this adventure for mountaineers, you will be accompanied by experienced alpinists, the Štremfeljs, who were the first married couple to climb to the summit of Mount Everest and are in the Guinness Book of Records because of that. We guarantee that they can provide an authentic experience on this summit as well.


Javorov vrh

The mighty Alps beckon you closer and invite you to the top of Javorov vrh, which is ideal as a first ascent for people with less experience. At 1434 meters above sea level, this mountain is good for warming up before you venture to higher peaks. Experienced mountain guides will give you the necessary know-how so that the ascent to Javorov vrh is a good start for climbing other peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


Slemenova špica

Slemenova špica could certainly be voted one of the most beautiful Slovenian mountains and it can be climbed without any problems at any time of the year. The ascent in autumn is something special, because the golden yellow trees seem like from a true fairy tale. Catch the sunrise there or wait for the sunset, in which one of the great mountains – Jalovec – appears in beautiful colours.


Valley of the Seven Triglav Lakes

The power of nature is evident in the Valley of the Seven Lakes, which was formed by huge alpine glaciers sliding down here through millennia. Fossil finds also bear witness to its history, going back thousands of years. Today visitors are fascinated by the beauty of the nature and the alpine animals that they may encounter with a little luck. Ask the mountain guide to tell you about the legend of the ibex with the golden horns.



With its 2,864 meters, this is the highest peak in the Julian Alps and a symbol of Slovenia in its coat of arms and on the flag. There are many paths that lead to the top of the Triglav and differ in time and difficulty. The Štremfeljs will take you on the easiest route from the glacial valley of Krma and past the Triglavski Dom on Kredarica. There are breathtaking views along the way, and the feeling of victory at the Aljaž tower at the top will be something to remember all your life.


Kriški podi

Watching a herd of wild ibex is definitely a moment that will surely be etched in your memory forever. Meeting them is the cherry on top of this trip, where you can enjoy unforgettable views, climb the mountains of Stenar, Razor and Bavški Gamsovec and spend the night in a mountain hut. You will experience the Kriški podi in the company of an experienced mountain guide who is also an excellent photographer. He will be happy to share his knowledge and tricks with you. This experience captured in photos will therefore be especially wonderful.

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