A tip for a trip: City walk through the little forest along the Sava River

It can happen on some days that you have a lot to do and only little time to enjoy some fresh air and exercise. With some resourcefulness, you can do both: Spend some time in the town and in the company of friends, do some shopping on the Sava Island, go for a stroll nearby and then conclude the day with a nice meal. And still you will have enough time to run some urgent errands in the meantime.


The historic town centre with its cafés and little shops has a pleasant summer ambience for sitting around and chatting with friends and acquaintances. The town galleries are quite inviting with their interesting stories. Above the old streets, you can see the orange ribbons, inviting you to walk along the Museum Path and discover stories from the past. When the summer heat descends on the town, make your way to the Sava Island.


The island, around which the Sava River flows on both sides, has some freshness to offer. Before you do your shopping, and the Supernova shopping centre has a great variety of shops, you can walk to the riverbank and step with your feet into the water, throw a smooth, white pebble into it and listen to the cries of the Sava gulls. And also after you have been to the shops, a bit of quiet peacefulness will certainly do you good.


Right under the bridge that spans over the island you will find a large row of trees. It winds from the Sava Island to the Struževo sports park. The gravel path in the shade of trees is well kept: there are benches, garbage bins and a fence to make sure that you do not fall into the river that is flowing past peacefully, so green as it plashes along, cooling the summer heat and inviting you to recognize it as a feast for the eyes. The path is 1.5 kilometres long. With a relaxed pace it will take you about 30 minutes to walk it in one direction.



Once you arrive in Struževo, you will find a nice pebble beach by the Sava, where you can step into the water once again. Struževo is of course also an interesting village whose history is hundreds of years old. On the way back you might start to feel a bit hungry. No worries, when you come back to the Sava Island, the café Bazen and its Projekt Burger await you there. They will offer you the definitely best burgers in Kranj and if you will feel like having something sweet for dessert, the café has excellent pastry for you.



The city walk can last only for a morning or an afternoon. It just inspires you to save some time that you would otherwise spend cooking at home and you can chat to some people and complete some of your daily tasks instead. And still you will have enough time to run some urgent errands in the meantime.

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