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Active Kranj

Nature only of a step from the town is one of the biggest advantages of Kranj, and locals are well aware of that. Many of them are active hikers, cyclists, skiers or fishermen.


Experience a green, healthy and active Slovenia, starting with Kranj, which is an excellent base for outdoor activities. The mighty Alps are a step away, as well as the walking and other marked trails.


1. Hiking and climbing

Slovenia is a country on the sunny side of the Alps. Above Kranj you can admire the rising green hills, like Jošt, which can be easily reached on foot from the city center. For more demanding Alpine peaks, such as the thousand-meter peaks Storžič, Kočna and Grintovec you need to more fit. Conquer the peaks with experienced guides who love to tell you one of their many adventures in the mountain.


Psst → Jamnik

The most beautiful views and the most beautiful church for the most beautiful trip. Totally cliche.


2. Climbing

The Alpine peaks near Kranj can be reached also through demanding climbing paths. Did you know that the first married couple who jointly stood on the roof of the world in the Himalayas, were from Kranj? Andrej and Marija Štremfelj climb to the Mount Everest has find its place in the Guinness Book of Records. With 40 years of experience they both still work as guides, leading climbing tours on the walls, waterfalls and reefs.


3. Winter sports

Winters in Kranj are white and joyful, therefore during winter Kranj becomes the sports resort of Slovenia. After skiing there is nothing better than to be able to quickly return to the city. Free ski-bus rides to the base of a popular ski resort Krvavec are organized, in 30 minutes you can be on the night skiing at the ski resort Stari vrh, less than an hour's drive to Kranjska Gora, where there are competitions for the World Cup, and Planica, where the finals of the World Cup season in ski jumping takes place every year.


4. Cycling

The best way to discover the beauties of Gorenjska is by bike. Marked bicycle trails lead past the tourist farms. Bicycles can be rented in the Tourist Information Centre Kranj. Especially interesting is the cycling path along the Sava river from the source to the mouth of the Danube, which connects all the cycling routes around Kranj in a neat ribbon. We recommend organized cycling tours (soon available on our website). Stay in Kranj and cycle through the Slovenian Alps! (Sleep and Kranj and bike Slovenian Alps!)


Psst → St. Jošt

With a mountain bike, climb to the Sv. Jost, where the nice scent from the kitchen of the Cottage allurs your senses.  


5. Fishing

The embrace of two rivers and the close proximity of the lake represent a true paradise for fishermen. You can get permits at fishing families who care for regulated fisheries and the conservation of nature. Kokra the downstream delight lovers of fly fishing. A number of options - from hunting from a boat, screw and rod - allows the Sava river.


6. Center of sports preparations

Kranj offers ideal conditions for training, and has a professional sporting facilities and everything sport team meeds for a good preparation. Kranj is home to many successful athletes, including the born winner of the ski jumping Peter Prevc. In the Kranj swimming pool the Serbian team of Water Polo was preparing for the Olympic games. People in Kranj has also invented a new sport discipline - the water basketball!