Equestrian Sports

There are several places in Kranj where you can ride horses. At the addresses below you will find more information.



Predoslje 39

Contact:  04 260 10 00, 04 23 24 803

Website: www.brdo.com


Activities: Horseback riding for tourists, equestrian sports, riding school, horseback riding in nature, riding course for beginners, taking care of horses


Veter Equestrian Club (Ovsenikestate)

Predoslje 192

4000 Kranj

Kontakt: 040 370 664 (Ana Škofic)

Facebook: Konjeniško društvo Veter

Activities: riding courses, pony riding, riding in nature, riding tests (rider 1, rider 2), gift vouchers, training of horses + breaking-in young horses

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