Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Autumn for Every Taste

Autumn brings a rich variety of cultural, gastronomic and entertaining events into the capital of Gorenjska region. Spend your visit also looking at one sight or another, checking out the little local shops, savouring the delicacies offered by excellent restaurants... Let yourself be enchanted by the autumn in Kranj!  


6th International Fine Arts Festival Kranj - ZDSLU 2017


Kranj has become one of the capitals of art by hosting the International Festival of Visual Arts for the sixth year in a row already. This year’s theme is Symbol, Sign and Colour. 131 artists from 21 countries will be presenting their works from 28 September to 5 November and this is when Kranj is a must-see for all art gourmets, since it offers a wide range of various approaches and practices for all generations.


In addition to the main exhibition that will present 73 artists, there will be an exhibition of the work that Jože Plečnik did in Kranj, an exhibition by artists from Japan and Zagreb, a rendezvous of artists from Kranj and Škofja Loka, an exhibition by professor Anka Krašna who received a lifetime achievement award from the Association of Slovenian Visual Artists, an exhibition by Bojan Gorenec, the Prešeren Award laureate, an exhibition by Austrian artists, Alpe-Adria patchwork and local art production.


  • Where and when? Various venues, from 28 September to 5 November 2017.


Halloween for Adults

“The deafening waters are waiting for you to greet, so quickly keep moving your feet!” Monsters from river depths will move into the Tunnels beneath the historic centre of Kranj. You will roam through the hallways of horror into the kingdom of shadows. How will your imagination play with you? Unveil your dark side and let yourself be led to where you haven’t dared to go before. But be careful, you might end up in the blind alley called Slepa ulca.


On Tuesday, the horror will move from the underground to Glavni Square, where a skilful makeup artist will transform you into a terrifying witch or a zombie.


River monsters will be haunting the Tunnels beneath the historic centre of Kranj on 30 and 31 October from 4pm to 10pm. Tickets will be available at Kranjska hiša and an hour before the show at the entrance to the Tunnels (Jelenov klanec). Entrance fee: €10. Entrance is allowed only to persons older than 14 years. The painting of masks will take place on Glavni Square on 31 October, starting at 3pm. Entrance fee: 10 Euro for adults, 5 Euro for children, simple designs for children are free. Prior reservation on our website is required.


  • APPLICATION FORM: Mask painting in the square
    Just like it should be on Halloween, you will have the chance to be transformed into a spooky witch or a zombie. A skilful makeup artist will wait for you on the main square in the historic centre of Kranj on 31 October from 3pm to change you into a terrifying being. It will be easier to organize this event if you register in advance (until the 27 October at 12am). There is a limited number of places! Please apply HERE.


Wine Route

This gastronomic event (10/11 and 17/18 November) each year attracts more visitors from near and far.  A dot on the i is the unique atmosphere in the Tunnels beneath the historic centre of Kranj. A large choice of wines from all over Slovenia will be complemented by local cheeses, spreads and meat products. There will be also some novelties as it is appropriate for the 10th anniversary of this event.


  • Where and when?10 and 11, as well as 17 and 18 November 2017 in the Tunnels beneath the historic centre of Kranj. 


Rich variety of concert venues

Who will bring the heat to the stages of Kranj in November? The newly renovated KluBar will host the energetic band Elvis Jackson (4 November) and the band MUFF (11 November) that recently has just one hit after another. Bazen will feature guests from South Africa, the two-man band Disco Volante (24 November) that promises an evening of psychedelic trance. The Škrlovec Tower will have a promotional concert by the pianist and producer Bowrain (6 November), as well as Jelena Soro &The Balkan Experience (16 November), musicians that will be exploring contemporary practices and improvisation through a primal form of performance, polyphonic singing, accompanied by drums. And the Trainstation will have a whole month of lively action with concerts by Antispin (3 November), Joe 123 Raps featuring guests (4 November), Bad Copy (18 November), Edge Of Sins and Broken Lock (24 November) and Smetnaki (25 November).


Chestnut Picnic 

The scent of roasted chestnuts will be returning this year as well to the edge of the forest in Nova vas, Zgornja Besnica. There will be a lot of home-made apple juice, stews cooking in cauldrons and pastry from local ovens. The stands will be full of products made by housewives, cheese makers, beekeepers, herbalists, wooden ware from Ribnica and unique works of art.


  • Where and when? Zgornja Besnica, 8 and 15 October, starting at 11am