The chocolate workshop from Olimje is a family business that began with – or resumed its activities almost three decades ago. It is based on recipes that Rudi Videtič inherited from by his grandfather, confectioner in Vienna at the turn of the century. Over these three decades, the creations of this workshop have already become well-known among chocolate lovers in Slovenia and abroad. Over time, traditional recipes have been replaced by improved and perfected tastes that are in line with the global trends in the fine art of chocolatiers.


The Olimje Čokoladnica has become a true treasury with its wide selection of pralines, griottes, truffles, giandujas, chocolates and other delicacies – all of them made by hand in Olimje. They carry the brand names "Sladkosti iz Olimja" and "Giuseppe Tartini".


With the pralines of Olimje becoming more and more popular, their little shops have already opened in several Slovenian towns.

  • Location: Prešernova ulica 18, 4000 Kranj (Google Maps)
  • Opening hours
    Mon. - Fri.: 9am - 5pm
    Sat.: 9am - 1pm
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