Cycling tour under the Storžič No. 10

The cycling routes under the Storžič Mountain are a joint project carried out by the municipalities of Kranj, Naklo, Tržič, Preddvor and Šenčur, under which the first four cycling trails beneath the Storžič were marked in 2014. The starting point for all routes that are 20 to 30 kilometres long is the outdoor pool in Kranj, but you can join them everywhere. They are suitable for mountain bikes, trekking bikes or for road bikes.


This route is good for recreational cyclists who like to enjoy a wonderful view of the Alps. It is a dynamic path through villages, meadows, fields, forests with many attractions. The connections between the roads are well marked.


The route starts on the Partizanska Street in Kranj, right at the entrance to the Stane Mlakar stadium. Cycle through the village of Rupa and then head towards Kokrica. Here you cross the road and go to the roundabout. In its centre stands a very special sculpture made of metal, the mammoth by Jože Volarič as a reminder that an ice age skeleton was found nearby. Choose the road to Golnik and at Goriče you will have a magnificent view of the mountains. If you observe the meadows that you cycle by, you will maybe see some herons or storks. Through Goriče you cycle to Trstenik and on to Bašelj. Before that, the road goes steeply uphill, but you can do it easily if you can focus on the small church on a hill in front of you, called St. Lawrence. At the end of Bašelj turn sharply left towards Mače. 

A map of the route (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

If you are not only a keen cyclist, but also like hiking in the mountains, here is an excellent starting point for hikes to Kališče, Bašeljski vrh or Mali Grintovec. From Mače, it is easy to get to the lake of Preddvor, where you can relax with a cool drink. The path then leads from Preddvor to Breg, down the slope and after the bridge to the right on a gravel road that runs along the Kokra River.


Here is an educational trail where information boards can tell you a lot about Kokra biotope. On the way you can stop at the geological pyramid in Rapa with a great variety of rocks that were found by the Kokra River. At the end of the educational trail turn right over the bridge, through the village of Suha and in the direction of Predoslje. A large and ancient linden will tell you that you are on the right path. In Predoslje you cross the main road and then cycle along the Kokra River canyon. Only a few smaller hills and you are back at the starting point, in the Partizanska Street, right next to the stadium of Kranj.


Difficulty level: 3/5

Distance: 28.7km

Uphill: 283m

Downhill: 307m

Ground: asphalt, gravel roads

Starting point: Stane Mlakar Stadium


Map of the route: .gpx-format (download>> HERE)

Folder with information about the route (download >> HERE)

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