Cycling tour under the Storžič No. 11

The cycling routes under the Storžič Mountain are a joint project carried out by the municipalities of Kranj, Naklo, Tržič, Preddvor and Šenčur, under which the first four cycling trails beneath the Storžič were marked in 2014. The starting point for all routes that are 20 to 30 kilometres long is the outdoor pool in Kranj, but you can join them everywhere. They are suitable for mountain bikes, trekking bikes or for road bikes.


This route starts on the Partizanska Street in Kranj, right at the entrance to the Stane Mlakar Stadium. You can cycle through the village of Rupa and in the direction of Kokrica. There you cross the road and head for the roundabout. In its centre stands a very special sculpture made of metal, the mammoth by Jože Volarič as a reminder that an ice age skeleton was found nearby. Choose the road to Naklo. In Polica you can visit the Poličar farm taht has a history of 500 years. Then continue through Cegelnica to Spodnje Duplje.

A map of the route (.gpx format) can be downloaded HERE.

In the village of Spodnje Duplje, you can visit the manor house, a modest rural residence of nobles. A gallery and the museum are located there. Nearby is the Vogvar House which is over 200 years old. It has a well-preserved open-hearth kitchen and a museum. The path continues through Zgornje Duplje and for a short time you cycle on another bike path near Zadraga. Before the village sign for Zadraga is on the right side a rest stop, where the grotto Dupulnik is located. Then you drive through the village Žiganja vas, so right from the main road, then straight on and left at the first intersection. Soon you will see the church of St. Ulrich on the right and next to it the mighty linden tree which is about 500 years old. Go right from the church to Sebenje and then left at the intersection. When you arrive in the village of Križe, turn right at the church to the regional road in the direction of Senično and Golnik.


After the steep road uphill, you can relax in the park of the Golnik hospital. Continue downhill on the regional road to Goriče. Turn left at the crossroads, then left again after the cemetery and take the gravel path back to the regional road, where you turn left to Tenetiše. In Mlaka you turn right to the cycle path (on the right side is the very inviting restaurant Dežman) and after about 100 meters on the left is a paved forest road. It ends at the cycle path Kranj–Polica–Naklo, where you go left to Kranj.


Difficulty level: 3/5

Distance: 30.1km

Uphill: 268m

Downhill: 265m

Ground: asphalt, gravel roads

Starting point: Stane Mlakar Stadium


Map of the route: .gpx-format (download >> HERE)

Folder with information about the route: (download >> HERE)

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