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Concerts at the Maister Square

13 June - 7 September 2019 | Kavka bar Kranj



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Concerts at the Maister Square 

The intimate ambience of the Kavka Bar blends well with the acoustic program of local musicians. Evenings at the Maister Square are always something special, since then you can hear new local music.


The summer season will begin with a charity tombola for Rožle and the concert by D Brincl Band. In June, the Kavka bar will be hosting also EO7M, Iva Stanič and Yani Pearl, as well as Martin Martis. In July, we will get the chance to see Pia Nina and the LovelyQuinces.

Programme 2019: 

13 June (Thursday)

  • 7pm: Charity tombola for Rožle with a concert by D Brincl Band


20 June (Thursday) 

  • 8.30pm: EO7M (Eni od sedmih milijard – Some of the Seven Billion)


22 June (Saturday) 

  • 8.30pm: Jazz at noon: Iva Stanič


27 June (Thursday) 

  • 8.30pm: Yani Pearl (Australia) and Martin Martis (Slovenia)


4 July (Thursday) 

  • 8.30pm: Pia Nina (Slovenia)


11 July (Thursday)

  • 8.30pm: LovelyQuinces (Croatia)


8 August (Thursday)

  • 8.30pm: Diva


15 August (Thursday)

  • 8.30pm: Mencarije 


29 August (Thursday) 

  • 8.30pm: Sir Croissant (BiH) 


5 September (Thursday) 

  • 8.30pm: Koala Voice 


7 September (Saturday)

  • Jazz at noon: Iva Stanič