Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Cultural Events in the Layer House

1 August - 30 September 2018 | Layer House



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Cultural events in the layer house

The Layer House – a House of Artists is a meeting place for cultural and social events in the capital of the Gorenjska region. Every day of the year, art, music, creativity, education and a pleasant café contribute to the liveliness of this house. It is located on 32 Tomšič Street, in the old town of Kranj, near the Khislstein Castle, and the Škrlovec Tower stands in its inner courtyard.

In August, the exhibition Typelatino will be taking place here. It was created during the one-year journey around the world in 2016. In Latin America, Guilherme Maglio and Urška Kragelj could not help noticing the colourful typography on signs that are mostly written by hand.

Miroslav Cukovic will create a spatial installation that will be like cartography of the space in-between.

In the August edition of the storytelling cyclamen, the fresh wind of artistic writing will be felt at the Layer House, as it will bring together young writers from the Gorenjska region. Another cyclamen cycle will happen in September.

In September, Pianopolis – the Festival for the Town and Piano is coming – the Festival for the Town and Piano, where great names of piano music will be playing in the streets of Kranj.