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Films at the Vovk Garden

12 July - 6 September 2018 | Vovk Garden



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Films at the Vovk Garden  

Just like every summer, the people of Kranj really enjoy this special open-air cinema. They leave their cars in the car park and every Thursday between 12 July and 6 September take a walk through the pedestrian area to the idyllic garden of Vovk, under the starry sky right in the heart of the old town. They will persevere there right to the last film, since the first one will be Perseverance by Miha Knific, the beginning of the odyssey on the screen. We will be dancing the Foxtrot, flirting with The Handmaiden, learning new languages, gossiping like the Café Society, calling for Ivan, coming closer to one another just like Perfect Strangers and much, much more.

People who still haven’t seen the documentary Kranj, the town built on a rock, directed by Toni Cahunek, have the chance to see it in the Vovk garden on 6 September at 8:30pm.


See you every Thursday at movie night!