Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
Glavni trg 2

18 - 20 July 2019 | various locations



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Programme 2019


Thursday, 18 July

  • 8am–4pm Summer vacations with Kranček, the dwarf, Pungert tower
  • 4pm–11pm Mixed 3x3 amateurs tournament beach volleyball, Stara Sava parking lot
  • 9pm–10:30pm Movie night: My Last Year as a Loser, Vovk garden
  • 9pm–11pm Concert, Kavka bar, Maistrov trg
  • 9pm–11pm Concert by Trio Vivere, Glavni trg
  • 10pm - 4am Music night: Oldies goldies music & Burger party, KluBar gastropub


Friday, 19 July

  • 9.30am–11pm Sberbank beach volleyball national championship, Stara Sava parking lot
  • 5pm– 6pm Concert by the brass orchestra, Glavni trg
  • 5pm–12pm Carniolan Sausage Festival, Glavni trg
  • 5:30pm– 6pm Fairytales in the courtyards, courtyards in the old town
  • 8pm–12pm Concert by Veseli svatje, Helena Blagne, Glavni trg
  • 9pm–12pm Concert by the Jazz Ladies, Pungert Café and Gallery
  • 9pm–8am Night in the tower, Pungert tower
  • 10pm–2am Concert, Smooth house by Tomy D'King & sax live by Matevž Krašna + special guest!, KluBar gastropub


Saturday, 20 July

  • 10am–12am Concert by the MOK brass band, Glavni trg
  • 10am–11am Guided tour through the Tunnels under the old town of Kranj (3 EUR/person), Kranjska hiša, Glavni trg
  • 10.30am–11am Fairytales in front oft he Pungert tower
  • 11am–12am Children0s games in front of the Pungert tower
  • 12am–1pm Prešeren improvisation games in front oft he Pungert tower
  • 2.30pm–11pm Sberbank beach national volleyball championship, Stara Sava parking lot
  • 5pm–8pm Kids’ Kranfest, water games, Khislstein Castle
  • 5pm– 6pm Guided tour through the Tunnels under the old town of Kranj (3 EUR/ person), Kranjska hiša, Glavni trg
  • 5pm–12pm Kranska kuhna street food festival, in front of the Prešeren Theatre
  • 6pm–7pm Guided tour of the Kokra River canyon (3 EUR/oseb), Kranjska hiša, Glavni trg
  • 6pm–12pm Art Market, Prešernova ulica
  • 6pm–12pm Craft and artisan market, Poštna ulica, Maistrov trg
  • 7pm–8pm Children’s Concert with Romana Krajnčan, Letno gledališče Khislstein
  • 8pm–2am Concert by Bajaga i instruktori, Kingston, Slovenski trg
  • 8pm–12pm Concert: Klapa Bonaca, Tilen Lotrič, Glavni trg
  • 9pm–10pm Stand-up, Plečnikovo stopnišče
  • 9pm–12pm Concert by the Dixie šok band, Cafe galerija Pungert
  • 10pm–12pm Concert by Adi Smolar, trg pred Prešernovim gledališčem
  • 10pm–2am Concert, Dance music & official after by DJ Grega & DJ friends, KluBar gastropub