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Sports Climbing World Cup

28–30 September | Zlato polje sports hall



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Sports Climbing World Cup  

For the 23rd year in a row, Kranj is hosting the world championship in lead climbing. Over the years, the Alpine Association of Slovenia has managed to make this competition one of the best organized and popular among participants.

Fans will enjoy watching the competitions and seeing the skill of the climbers, so their support will create a very special atmosphere once again.

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Slovenian spectators will have a lot of fun cheering, because this season their athletes have already achieved brilliant results and promise to do so also here. Janja Garnbret, who won the Kranj competition last year and has already won the world lead climbing championship twice, again has the best overall results for the World Cup in lead climbing this year. Domen Škofic has been on the podium twice this season. In the finals of the lead climbing this year, we already saw the multiple winner of the Kranj competition and also of the the season, Mina Markovič, the junior world champion in lead climbing Vita Lukan and Mia Krampl as well. Slovenian climbers are also very good in bouldering, above all Jernej Kruder, the overall world champion of 2018 in bouldering, but also Gregor Vezonik and Katja Kadić.

The qualification and the semi-final on Saturday will be followed by the final on Sunday and there will be also a very interesting accompanying programme.