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Summer with the Prešeren Award Laureates

11. junij – 29. avgust  2018 | various locations



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Summer with the Prešeren Award Laureates 

In summer evenings, various locations in Kranj will be hosting the winners of the Prešeren Award and the Prešeren Fund Awards. This means that they have been recognized as the most important creators of art in Slovenia.


The main star of this summer is the controversial artist Marko Pogačnik who was born in Kranj. Together with his wife Marika and his daughters Ajra, Nike and Ana, he developed a new art practice called “lithopuncture”, where stone pillars are placed on selected points in a rounded-off landscape. In 1991, he received a Prešeren Fund Award for his retrospective in the Ljubljana Modern Gallery an in 2008 also the Jakopič Award for fine arts. He is also the designer of the coat of arms of the Republic of Slovenia. Exhibitions of his sculptures were seen in Paris, Munich, New York, Florence and elsewhere.


The summer with the Prešeren Award Laureates will begin on 11 June with the presentation of the facsimile of the book by the OHO art movement. The official opening of the exhibition by Marko Pogačnik will be on 15 June and on 3 July he will be presenting his latest book, Slovenia, the Wonderland. You should not miss the theatre show by Boris A. Novak, “Who made a shirt for the little Videk” or the talk with Boris Gaberščik and Milan Pajk, top artistic photographers in Slovenia, or the performance by the poet and singer Svetlana Makarovič or numerous workshops and lectures.


The exhibition Third Art by Marko Pogačnik in the Gallery of Prešeren Award Laureates and in the Gallery of the Prešeren House will be open until 29 August 2018 and will be concluded with a discussion evening about Marko Pogačnik and his artistic work.

In the Third Art exhibition catalogue, Dr. Miklavž Komelj wrote among others: “Marko Pogačnik is one of the most complex artists of our time not just in Slovenia but also on the planet – exactly because he does not content himself with a given space and time but sees the true power of art in its possibility to create a new awareness of what space and time actually are – and so tries to enable their formation or active transformation of their relation into multidimensionality.”


Marko Pogačnik's portfolio