Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Summer with the Prešeren Award Laureates

14 June – 19 September 2019 | various locations



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Programme for 2018


24 August (Friday)
7pm: Conversation with the photographers Boris Gaberščik and Milan Pajk


29 August (Wednesday)

Conclusion of the Summer with Prešeren Award Laureates
7pm: Discussion evening about Marko Pogačnik and his artistic creation


Past events


11 June (Monday)
7pm: Presentation of the facsimile of the book by OHO


12 June (Tuesday)
6pm: Marko Pogačnik – lecture: The Earth in the midst of a dramatic cycle shift


13 June (Wednesday)
6pm: Marko Pogačnik – lecture: As the Goddess returns


14 June (Thursday)
6pm: Marko Pogačnik – lecture: Life in the multi-dimensional space


15 June (Friday)
7pm: Opening of the exhibition by Marko Pogačnik


16 June (Saturday)
9.30am: Marko Pogačnik – Workshop with Kranj as the Son of Kokra and Sava
6pm: Summer night of museums 


27 June (Wednesday)
5pm: Marko Pogačnik – Gaia Touch body exercises 


28 June (Thursday)

7pm: Conversation with Mojca Kumerdej 


29 June (Friday)
6pm: Boris A. Novak – Who made a shirt for the little Videk
7.30pm: Svetlana Makarovič – I will be wearing a red star


3 July (Tuesday)

7pm: Marko Pogačnik – presentation of his latest book, Slovenia, the Wonderland


19 July (Thursday)

9pm: Conversation with Marko Brdar 


7 August (Tuesday)
7pm: Marko Pogačnik – The fifth gospel of Jesus of Nazareth and the old Slovenian natural religion