Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
Glavni trg 2
Wine Route

13–14 and 20–21 November 2020 | Tunnels under old Kranj


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Useful information 

To ensure your safety, we would like to ask you to follow these instructions:

- Only a limited number of people can enter the Wine Route in one hour;

- The ticket is only valid for the time marked on it and it is not possible to change the date at the entrance;

- The Wine Route runs only in the direction from Jelenov klanec (Ljubljanska cesta) to Lajh (Sejmišče);

- You can stay in the tunnels for the maximum of three hours;

- Smoking is prohibited in the tunnels;

- It is not permitted the enter closed-off branches of the tunnels;

- It is forbidden to bring fireworks inside;

- Pets are not allowed in the tunnels;

- The organizer reserves the right to temporarily limit the number of people entering if there are too many visitors in the tunnels.

You can find a map of the wine route with all participating winegrowers and restaurants according to their days here.


IMPORTANT: It is not possible to park in front of the entrance to the tunnels. Parking spaces are available in the town (Pri Čebelici, Huje, Sejmišče ...). More information on them can be found here.