Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Youth Week

10 - 18 May 2019 | various locations


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10 May 2019 (Friday)

  • 8pm: Opening (Hengalnica)
  • 10pmConnecting the Clubs of Kranj
  • Klubar: Svemirko and Koala Voice
  • Kavka: Local DJs (6pm)
  • Trainstation: Brain holidays, Kali Fat Dub


11 May 2019 (Saturday)

  • 12am: BBQ king (Hengalnica)
  • 12.30am: Concert by Pantaloons (Hengalnica)
  • 4.30pm: Concert by Zajtrk (Hengalnica)
  • 9pm: 21th Night Run (streets of Kranj) 
  • 9pm: Impro marathon / start (Škrlovec Tower)
  • 9pm: Concert by Adi Smolar (Klubar)
  • 9pm: Hip hop - Klemen Klemen & local support (Trainstation)


12 May 2019 (Sunday)

  • 10am: Sport Sunday (Simon Jenko elementary school)
  • 11am: Workshop – cajon drums (Hengalnica)
  • 4pm: Paintkado (Hengalnica)
  • 5pm: Concert by Posebni gostje (Hengalnica)
  • 7.30pm: Travelogue (Klubar)
  • 9pm: Impro marathon / final performances (Škrlovec Tower)


13 May 2019 (Monday)

  • 4pm: Graffiti tour (streets of Kranj)
  • 4pm: treet theatre (Hengalnica)
  • 4pm: Ponytlon (Mohorjev klanec – Vodopivčeva Street)
  • 5pm: Table hockey tournament (Hengalnica)
  • 6pm: Exhibition of photographs: Walls of Kranj – Scenes of Kranj (Hengalnica)
  • 7pm: Jazz dinner (Hengalnica)
  • 8pm: Dream fashion show (Khislstein Castle)


14 May 2019 (Tuesday)

  • 4pm: Boules (Hengalnica)
  • 4pm: Concert by Ljutri (Hengalnica)
  • 5pm: Workshop: Preparing fermented food (Simon Jenko elementary school)
  • 7pm: Evening by the camp fire with the Carmen Manet choir (Hengalnica)
  • 7pm: Young impro masters (Rock bar Down Town)
  • 9pm: Concert by Noreia (Layer House)


15 May 2019 (Wednesday)

  • 9am: 0 waste (Hengalnica)
  • 12am: Escape tent (Hengalnica)
  • 5.45pm: Pole dancing workshop (Pole dance studio M)
  • 6pm: Exhibition by Daša Keber, They used to live (Layer House)
  • 9pm: Stand up (Klub Bazen Kranj)
  • 9pm: Ethno Band Poseben Gušt (KluBar)


16 May 2019 (Thursday)

  • 10:00: Abroad with E+ and ESE (High school Kranj)
  • 3pm: Afternoon in the park (Prešeren’s Grove)
  • 4pm: Pastry workshop (Simon Jenko elementary school)
  • 5pm: Warming up for the beach party (Hengalnica)
  • 7pm: Concert by Manca Berlec (Kavka bar)
  • 9pm: Thursday’s student parties: Beach party (Klubar)
  • 9pm: Concert by Shadow Universe (Škrlovec Tower)


17 May 2019 (Friday)

  • 3pm: Chess tournament (Hengalnica)
  • 5pm: Scavenger hunt (streets of Kranj)
  • 5pm: Who is there climbing (FA climbing club)
  • 5:30pm: Tarock card game tournament (Hengalnica)
  • 7pm: Local DJs (Kavka bar)
  • 8pm: Štapka’s big TM pub crawl (Bars of Kranj)
  • 10pm: Silent party (Klubar)
  • 10pm: TM Techno Night (Trainstation)


18 May 2019 (Saturday)

  • 12am: Giant breakfast (Hengalnica)
  • 12am: Haki (Hengalnica)
  • 3pm: Underground barber (Hengalnica)
  • 5pm: Požrtija – burger eating contest (Klub Bazen Kranj)
  • 7pm: Sunset party (Klub Bazen Kranj)
  • 9pm: Closing concert of the festival: S. A. R. S and NOAIR (Klub Bazen Kranj)