Getting around, being light-footed – 5 tips for hiking and walking

From pleasant walking trails to high peaks, Kranj and its surroundings offer many hiking adventures with various levels of difficulty. Check out these 5 suggestions for more and less known hiking trips that we prepared for you. Those who prefer to explore the mountains in the company of experienced mountain guides, please have a look at the guided mountain tours that we offer.


Mammoth trail

Did you know that in 1953 the skeleton of an Ice Age mammoth was found in the Bobovek ponds? The female was around 40 years old, she lived around 180,000 years ago, and sank into what was then a swampy lake. This is where the name of the trail comes from, as here you are actually walking where the mammoths used to walk thousands and thousands of years ago. The path leads past the beautiful Bobovek ponds, then around the famous Brdo Castle and through the natural beauties of the Udin Boršt forest. Views of the beautiful mountains accompany you along the entire journey.


Udin boršt

This forest is a unique area due to its natural, rural and cultural attractions and its location in the heart of the Gorenjska region. It has countless hiking and walking trails and is also used for cycling and jogging. Marked thematic trails lead you to the sights of natural and cultural heritage. In the western and southern parts, these are the educational trail through the land of the conglomerate karst, the rural and natural science trail to the crooked fir and the Strahinj water educational trail. In the northern part there are the Three Bells Trail and the educational trail through the Blato wetland.


Hill of St. Lawrence and the path at the foot of the Storžič Mountain

This path beneath the Storžič Mountain will impress you with its interesting little places, cultural and historical treasures and above all with breathtaking views. Among other things, it leads to the hill of St. Lawrence, where you can enjoy a wonderful view. You can see the high mountains behind you and in front of you the Šmarjetna gora, Kranj and the Ljubljana basin all the way to Krvavec. Directly below Lovrenc there is a mountain hut that offers good food, drinks and warm shelter and is best known for its fragrant, soft doughnuts.


Mala and Velika Poljana

A trip to Mala and Velika Poljana is also suitable for families, as the path rises nicely and slowly. At the top, the view reaches across the Gorenjska region to the hills of Škofja Loka and Cerkno. You don't even have to worry about refreshments and a place to rest, as there are two huts waiting for you at the top.



The picturesque peak, over 2000 meters high, is a landmark of the mountain landscape of Kranj. It is something for experienced and fit mountain hikers. At the top, your gaze sweeps over the hills and valleys near and far. The top has a famous cross and a viewing platform.


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