Heads or Tails

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Follow your destiny through Prešeren’s Kranj

This is the story of a city that stands high on a rock. Two rivers flow under this alpine rock that has an urban pulse. The many dualities here can stir one’s imagination and you start to fantasize about fate. The tour includes 14 places, 14 attractions of Kranj that are related to the greatest Slovenian poet. The course of the tour is each time decided by the coin: “If a number is thrown, we go along the left street, and if we throw a head, then we take street on the right”, and so we embark on a fateful tour that plays with dualities and contradictions of the giant of Slovenian poetry and the city of Kranj.


On the Heads or Tails tour you can expect a great camera obscura experience, when the world is literally turned upside down, then you can a goose feather to write a letter and fall madly in love with the fateful and romantic divisions so typical of Kranj.




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If you are wondering who is really behind the charismatic image of the man standing in Slovenian squares instead of statesmen and soldiers, flip a coin. What should be thrown, heads or tails?


Further information:

Duration: 4 hours

Advance reservations at info@visitkranj.si are required.


Promotion price from 39 EUR/person onwards

  • for 1 participant: 118 EUR/person
  • for 2 participants: 59 EUR/person
  • for 3 participants and more: 39 EUR/person
  • for 6–8 participants: 39 EUR/person - 10% discount 


Included in the price:

  • Heads and tails walk through Kranj to the Kokra River canyon;
  • Piece of vegan crispy bread from the best local baker and figs from the Figa delicatessen shop;
  • Photography on glass;
  • Unusual visits to Prešeren's house, the Prešeren Theatre, a collection on Prešeren and the Prešeren grove;
  • Writing with a goose feather pen;
  • Coffee or tea, Williams pear schnapps and lemonade, one time on a crazy unusual terrace and the other time on a crazy popular terrace.


Number of participants:
The minimum number of participants is 2 and the maximum number of participants is 8.

Slovenian, English


  • Take a bottle of water and sun protection (hat, sunscreen).
  • Appropriate footwear for walks through the city in nature.


  • This experience is appropriate for adults.
  • This experience will not be organized in case of heavy rain.


The project is co-funded within the public call for proposals “Raising the Competences of Leading Tourist Destinations and the Development of the Tourist Products and Services in Leading Tourist Destinations in 2020 and 2021” by the Republic of Slovenia and Regional Development Fund of the European Union.


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