January: On an afternoon in Kranj

Check out our picks to spend a great January’s day in Kranj.


1. Pami

Prešernova 17

This time, we will start our walk on Glavni Square. In the direction towards the Maister Square, we will soon notice a shop window with various pairs of shoes. This is Pama, where you will be able to find shoes for you and your whole family, as well as for all occasions and seasons. If you are still wearing your autumn shoes and haven’t traded them for a pair of winter boots, now is would be high time to do so!


2. Dežnikarstvo Jenko (Umbrella Shop)

Prešernova 8

A bit further along the street, there will be the family-owned umbrella shop Dežnikarstvo Jenko waiting for you, one of the most interesting shops in town. Only umbrellas are sold here! And of course also parasols, should the excessively bright light of the January sun catch you. If you would like to bring home a really special souvenir of our town, you can get it at Jenko’s – a hand-made umbrella with Kranj motifs does sound like an excellent idea.


3. Pekarna Orehek (Bakery)

Prešernova 1

A small snack might be just the right thing to have after you’ve been shopping. It is best to drop by the bakery Pekarna Orehek. The cheese bread rolls are known far and wide for their very good price and certifiably excellent taste, but you can also choose among fresh sandwiches, salads, croissants, strudels, and also either salty or sweet pastries. Treat yourself to some doughnuts and walnut cakes or choose a loaf of bread to take home.


4. Lokal Storžič (Bar)

Slovenski trg 8

Is it already time to go on a date today? Yes, it’s 4pm and in January, it is happy hour for cocktails until 6pm at Lokal Storžič where you can get three of them for the price of two. Or would you prefer a snowy hot chocolate? This combination of white chocolate, orange liqueur and cinnamon goes perfectly together with the cakes supplied by Karim Atelier. To lick your fingers!


5. Eko Škrnicl

Koroška cesta 14

Today’s stroll through the town will be concluded at Eko Škrnicl, a fair trade store with natural food and cosmetics. In January they have a new brand of food supplements and mixtures for boosting the immune system, as well as beauty workshops with natural cosmetics and lectures on how to care for your face, body and hair. And they also promise to give you a present at each purchase!

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