Josip Slavec – Achievements in Slovenia

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Through a selection of 400 photographs, the book shows the extensive construction work of the builder and entrepreneur Josip Slavec from Kranj, created in Slovenia and Croatia during the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. His company was one of the largest at the time and after 1945, mosto of it became the state-owned Gradis. The photographs are mostly selected from his own legacy and are in most cases published for the first time. Many buildings were soon destroyed in World War II, others disappeared in post-war modernizations, while some still stand today. The central part the book is divided into four chapters: biography of Josip Slavec, construction of bridges (Gorazd Humar), construction of roads (Tomaž Budkovič) and high-rise construction (Peter Fister). At the end, a general overview of the works by Josip Slavec is given. The book is very interesting for historians of economics, as it shows construction technologies in the period between the First and Second World Wars, which have not been extensively presented in any professional publication so far.