Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Kokra Canyjon

It‘s a place of pure nature and a special feature of Kranj. The canyon of the Kokra River! The green gorge in the middle of the town gives you regeneration and relaxation just a few metres away from the vibrant town.


Listen to the story of the river and its canyon as you take a walk along its loop path. You can do so by yourself or with a local guide who will help you to get to know the colourful mosaic of near- water biotopes. An area of such diversity and dynamic has shelters and habitats for many species of animals and trees, bushes and herbs.


Did you know that there used to be even four mills on this river due to its strong current? Then later, at the beginning of the 20th century, a popular municipal bath was built at its bank, where many people of Kranj learned how to swim. Nowadays as well, especially during hot summers, the green nature and pure water are inviting new bathers and explorers.


Experience the town of Kranj, where you always have one foot in the bustling urban life and the other one in pristine nature.