Kranj in your heart & Underground path

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Kranj in your heart & Underground path Let Kranj become etched into your heart. To begin with, set off on a tour of the town that connects all the main attractions of cultural and natural importance. Get to know the stories of Kranj, stroll along the path of Prešeren, discover the town houses and their famous inhabitants, as well as other interesting historical facts. In 1983, the old town centre of Kranj was declared a cultural monument. The famous Slovenian architect Jože Plečnik also left a significant mark on Kranj. Among the note-worthy countrymen from Kranj, there is painter Leopold Layer, politician, publicist and large animal veterinarian Dr Janez Bleiweis, inventor of glass photography, Janez Puhar, as well as poet Simon Jenko. Slovenia’s greatest poet Dr France Prešeren also lived in Kranj and gave his name to many of Kranj’s attractions. Underneath the town of Kranj, there are numerous artificial underground facilities that have long ago lost their original purpose and slipped into oblivion, but invite us as works of human hands to uncover their story. Among them, the most interesting one is the old town’s shelter, built during the Second World War. In the 1300-metre-long tunnels, you can admire the real stalactites and interesting cave animals. In the tunnels, you can visit an exhibition introducing the underworld of Kranj and the tunnels underneath the old town centre. You can also see an exhibition of minerals and fossils, a reconstruction of a shelter from World War II, and an air raid simulation. Kokra River canyon A very special feature of Kranj is the 30 meters deep canyon of the Kokra River right next to the old town, which makes it the 2nd deepest urban canyon in Europe. It is a favourite spot for people who like to get away from the busy life in the town and it is pleasantly cool in the summer heat. Visitors of the canyon can be nourished by the energy of nature and a variety of plants and animals lives there. Experienced tourist guides can accompany you along a circular path up and down the river. The scent of wild garlic in early spring, flowering shrubs and the song of birds invite you to sit down on a bench and enjoy the richness of flora and fauna. You will also be able to see witnesses to the co-existence of human society and nature in this area. In past times, mills and sawmill were standing by the wild river and many bridges were built across it. Experience Kranj where you can stand with one foot in the city and the other one in nature!