Kranj is an excellent city break destination

Just when the winter frost came to town and the festive lights started to shine in the beginning of December, we were visited by Tim and Bonnie Stevens. The English journalists specialize mainly on gastronomy, wine and culture. And we had a lot of that to show them!


During their two-day stay, they were welcome guests to the Actum hotel and the Institute for Tourism and Culture has put together an interesting programme, including sights in the town and special places in its surroundings. We took a stroll through the town centre, showed them the museums, galleries, streets and alleys, the underground of Kranj and all the nice spots in our town.


They visited the Brdo estate and enjoyed the view from the Šmarjetna Mountain. They have tried the cuisine of Kranj in the Sonet restaurant, at Krištof in Predoslje and at Stari Mayr in the centre, while Slovenian wines were also presented to them at Luštarija. Their evenings were enriched by the festively decorated Kranj and all that was happening in its fairytale village.


And what did they say about Kranj? That it is a pleasant little town that boasts many interesting features. With its colourful history, cultural sites and surrounded by nature, this town is an excellent city break destination. In their opinion, Kranj is definitely a town that is suitable for a short vacation, when one wants to get away from their everyday home environment and embark on a leisurely exploration.


They said that Kranj has it all: urban attractions and museums that simply invite you to visit them, streets that are a good opportunity for a nice stroll; they have enjoyed sitting in cafés and browsing through the little shops with local products.


They will write about their visit to Kranj on the International excelence web-portal.