Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
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Kranj's Vibrant Summer 2017

This summer, Kranj is without a doubt Prešeren’s city and a city of culture. With its diverse cultural programmes and lots of fun activities, it invites you to visit it as one of the most charming town centres in Slovenia and to experience many cultural treats and adventures in galleries, little shops and cafés of the historic centre of the Gorenjska region.


Summer with Prešeren Award Laureatess

On Thursday 15 June, there will be an opening at the Prešeren Laureates’ Gallery and the Prešeren House. Artistic photographs by Tone Stojko, portraits of the laureates, will be exhibited there until the end of August. Since 1996 he has photographed 176 artists who were awarded the Prešeren Award or the more diverse Prešeren Fund Award. The monograph with the portraits of these insightful people that are shaping our cultural life, which was published on the occasion of the exhibition, is also an important document of our time. Early evening on Fridays the laureates will be presenting their works, considered to be of the highest quality in the Slovenian cultural landscape, at various venues all summer.


Programme of the Khislstein Summer Stage Khislstein

This season, the open-air will host the internationally acclaimed band Laibach (photo above), the Prešeren Fund Award winner Boštjan Gombač with the Big Band RTV and the always fascinating Magnifico. The musicals Mamma Mia! with 41 performers and Vesna, a very fresh production by the makers of the hit musical Cvetje v jeseni, will be a real spectacle this year. A summer evening in July will be brought to heat by Jan Plestenjak and in September we will be moved by the romantic Dalmatians of Klapa Intrade. Jazz lovers will have even three summer evenings to enjoy their kind of music at Khislstein.



Evenings under the Linden Tree (at Khislstein Castle)

An old linden tree stands in the quiet and charming courtyard of the castle. On Thursdays in June, it will host bands by Nina Strnad, Uroš Perič and Nuška Drašček, as well as the charismatic accordion player Marko Hatlak with his Kapobanda. Towards the end of the summer you will have the chance to hear the talented and visionary composer Kristijan Krajnčan, but also the collaboration between Romana Krajnčan and Jure Ivanušič and as a cherry on top the acoustic concert by this year’s ESC contestant for Slovenia, Omar Naber.


Films in the Vovk Garden (in an amphitheater close to the Khislstein Castle)

The fourth season of the popular open-air cinema will begin with the premiere of the documentary Kranj, the Town Built on a Rock, directed by Toni Cahunek. Thursdays in July and August will also show The Salesman, winner of the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, the opulent and funny French drama Marguerite, the Polish film The Body that was awarded several times, the Romanian tragicomedy The Treasure and the uncannily funny, moving and even the unofficial film of the (last) year, Toni Erdmann from Germany.


Brewers’ Caravan 

On Saturday afternoon, 11 June, it will be a perfect day to enjoy your laziness. The green castle garden will host 11 brewers who will offer you their freshly brewed beer. Visitors will be able to try also the specialties prepared by our local restaurants. There will be also some interesting entertainment programme. Our Tourism and Culture Board invites you to this casual get-together, a chat with the locals and nice moments to enjoy on an evening in early summer. We’ll be there from 5pm to 12pm in the garden of the Khislstein Castle.