Zavod za turizem in kulturo Kranj
Glavni trg 2

Kranska kuhna

Would you like to explore all the cuisine that Kranj has to offer at one place, with a chance to meet the master chefs and watch them prepare the food in relaxed company? Every 3rd Saturday of the month or at traditional events, various locations in the historic town centre will be hosting the Kranska kuhna Street Food Festival, where the chefs of restaurants from Kranj and the region will be preparing their fresh specialties live.


Opening of the festival will be on 21 April from 11am–7pm) at the Glavni trg Square. See you there!


A relaxed atmosphere with music and children chasing around the place create a pleasant experience of the town. People who live here like to combine this with their shopping at the vegetable market stalls and in the town centre, while tourists can have an authentic experience of Slovenian cuisine.


Dates (various locations in the historic town centre of Kranj):

  • 19.5. / 9.6. / 20.7.-21.7. / 18.8. / 15.9. / 20.10. / 16., 17., 23. and 24.11. / 1. - 31.12. 



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