March: On an afternoon in Kranj

Check out our picks to spend a great March day in Kranj.

1. Optimist optician

Koroška cesta 14

Our springtime walk leads us west from Globus and along the Koroška Street, where we make a stop at No. 14 and take a look at the Optimist optician. Sooner or later we will need protection from the sun on our trips around nature and the town, so this is now a good opportunity to take some time and select the kind of sunglasses that will give us the “most beautiful view of Kranj”, like the optician promises, offering corrective eyeglasses and contact lenses and optometrist services.


2. Iz roke v roko

Slovenski trg 5

In the former premises of the Kranj library, you can find the shop “Iz roke v roko” that works according to the principle of rational use and environmental consciousness. Their selection of second-hand clothing is various and the pieces are well preserved, since they have never or rarely been worn. They are made from natural materials and are suitable for all ages and every taste, while also being extremely inexpensive. In March, the product of the moth is a tunic. Visit them before the most unique pieces have disappeared!


3. Mladinska knjiga

Maistrov trg 1

Now we head towards the town centre, past the new library. On Maistrov Trg, there is the Mladinska Knjiga book-and stationery shop, offering a rich selection of office equipment and children’s books, as well as books for any other readers. You can browse through the most popular books at the moment or find a book in the English language.


4. Panorama Stara pošta

Koroška cesta 2

And now, with a book under your arm, it’s time to go to the town and have a cup of coffee. Or would you rather go above the town? On 30 January, the popular Stara Pošta café has reopened. It is now calledPanorama Stara Pošta and has a 180 degrees view of the old town centre. In this dynamic interior with its mixture of materials and an abundance of plants, you can enjoy your coffee, sip some wine or taste some tapas and feel as if you were surrounded by nature in the middle of the city.


5. The Chebul Tourist Agency

Koroška cesta 4

Nature is awakening and so is our sportive spirit or at least our wish to get your body moving. Specialized for active tourism, the Chebul tourist agency has many suggestions for shorter cycling and hiking adventures. You can visit them in the Globus building and take a look at the cycling paths in Dalmatia, around the Hungarian Balaton Lake, in the Netherlands or on Sardinia. Their experienced tour guides can show you the hiking routes in the Dolomiti Mountains, in the hills of Sarajevo and in Austrian mountains, as well as trekking routes in Brazil.