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Mini Adventures are fun walks, full of adventures, and their essence is the hunt for a magical object. Adventurers of all ages can solve tips and meet fun challenges. No guide is required and you can go on such an adventure whenever you have time and do so at your own pace. There is no time limit, so you can stop for coffee, ice cream or for a selfie whenever you want. On this adventure, you can see the city in a slightly different way and create unforgettable memories with each step. This is great for families, friends, schools and teambuilding events. A maximum of six people can go on a joint adventure. This could also be a great gift! IMPORTANT INFORMATION o We recommend that you go on this Mini Adventure on foot, as it is about 3km long and can be completed (depending on how fast you walk) in 2.5 hours. o This Mini Adventure is suitable also for prams and wheelchairs. o This Mini Adventure is appropiate for ages 5* to 85* (you can also bring younger children along, but parents are advised to assess their child’s ability on their own). o One map is suitable for a group of up to 6 people. o Follow the map and solve the hints – some are more, some less obvious. Hints can be found on buildings, monuments and other permanent surfaces. By solving the hints, you will discover a magical object that leads to the solution of this special adventure. Become one of the adventurers featured in our brochure and put on one of our adventurers’ badges. We’ve also included special challenges to meet on your journey. So the fun can go on and on. At the end of the Mini Adventure you will find the answer to your mission and you will be able to decode the exclusive “mini lock” included in your package, full of magic pendants for adventurers.