National Geographic World Legacy Award goes to Slovenia!

In March 2017 Slovenia won the National Geographic World Legacy Award in the Destination Leadership category and successfully laid the foundation to become one of the world’s most sustainable destinations.


“The Tourist Board unifies all stewardship initiatives through its Green Scheme, which sets guidelines and provides tools for monitoring sustainability progress, instilling a culture of continual improvement in the country’s tourism efforts based upon benefiting local communities, protecting cultural heritage and saving nature, including revitalizing rural areas and creating authentic travel experiences for visitors.”


Greenery is all around our city too!


Kranj’s special feature is the fact that it rises above a 30-metre-deep canyon. On the bridge over the Kokra River, you find yourself with one foot in the town and the other one in nature. The hills of Šmarjetna (pictured) and Saint Jošt are ideal for a short trip and offer stunning views of the mountains and the valley. You will be particularly welcomed at tourist farms in the countryside, either coming there on foot or by bicycle.


Each inhabitant of Kranj with even a pinch of mountaineering spirit climbs the 2000-metre mountain of Storžič that rises above the city, giving Kranj its characteristic image. Join experienced alpine guides in the south-eastern Alps and follow in the trail of exceptional Slovenian climbers. Kranj is an excellent starting point for hiking tours and for visiting alpine ski resorts. The popular Krvavec is so close that we could almost call it the ski slope of Kranj. With its picturesque mountain scenery, Kranj is truly the capital of the Slovenian Alps.

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