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Top 5 Things To Do In Kranj's Enjoyable Old Town This Summer

Enjoy the Old Town and see the best activities it has to offer this summer! From June to August, don’t miss the following events in the Old Town of the capital of Upper Carniola: 


1. Events at the Khislstein Summer Theatre

Surrounded by medieval architecture, the Khislstein summer theatre represents one of the main summer venues in Kranj. This summer, the theatre will be filled with the magnificent vocals of the three divas – Darja Švajger, Nuša Derenda and Alenka Godec with the RTV Slovenija Big Band, as well as that of the highly regarded popular Croatian musicians Gibonni and Oliver Dragojevič, and two concert evenings organised by the Kranj Music School.


2. Thank You for the Flowers, a Banksy exhibition at Layer’s House

At ‘Layerjeva hiša’ (‘Layer’s house’), the cultural and social centre of Kranj, catch the amazing and never before seen exhibition of the world’s most well-known graffiti artist, Banksy. Besides the urban centre’s exhibition on ‘Tomšičeva ulica’ (‘Tomšič street’), they offer a rich creative and musical programme and, in doing so, stands out as one of the venues between Ljubljana and Bled that you simply have to visit this summer. Keep an eye out for their Pleska art and music festival, the street festival of creativity called ‘Živa ulica’ (‘Live Street’) and the FilmMixer independent film festival.


3. Summer at Maistrov trg

When the evening breeze sweeps from the Alps through the town streets, it is the right time to enjoy a pleasant chat about the adventures of the day. What could be better than sipping Slovenian wine and making toasts with local microbrewers amongst the hustle and bustle of the square, which found its home between the Old Town and the main centre in front of the town library. The coffee bar and Kavka bar on ‘Maistrov trg’ (‘Maister Square’) welcome visitors with their friendly service, pleasant ambience and live music every Thursday. At the Kot restaurant next door you can enjoy a dessert of authentic Kranj ‘štruklji’ – sweet strudel-like rolls filled with cottage cheese, made according to an old recipe.

When the evening breeze sweeps from the Alps through the town streets, it is the right time to enjoy a pleasant chat about the adventures of the day.

4. Kranjska Kuhna at Glavni trg

Luckily for visitors and their taste buds, the main culinary event in Kranj this summer takes places every other Saturday. At the Kranjska Kuhna – Kranj’s Kitchen, which is held on the ‘Glavni trg’ (‘Main Square’), you can sample various dishes prepared by local restaurants in an enjoyable and relaxed setting. Like every good food festival, this one also offers a mix from far and wide: burgers, stews, falafel, Indian food, homemade sandwiches, Carniolan sausage, chicken wings, waffles, as well as black tea or beer and other beverages to wash it all down.

5. The ecologically-aware Old Town

The boom in boutique shops that are devoted to homemade and organic food, as well as the organic market that takes place on Thursdays, have placed Kranj high on the list of ecologically-aware towns. Luštarij and Figa delight with their range of homemade and local food products, while, in addition to their excellent food, Krajčka and Eko škrniclja also sell natural cosmetics. Kralj nudeljcev (‘The King of Noodles’) offers a unique take on pasta, that is their cocoa noodles!
The Desetnica Ethno-gallery, ‘Hiša na koncu tunela’ (‘House at the End of the Tunnel’), arts and crafts studios of Tanja Drinovec and of Tine Pavlin, the ‘Kranjska hiša’ souvenir shop, Mačica shop, and clothing design shop of Simona Kogovšek all kindly invite you to see what they have to offer. Choose your favourite items, maybe even getting to meet the creators in their little shops and enjoy a chat with them!