Pay for parking using your mobile device

Starting on 3 January 2018 everyone parking on spaces owned by the Kranj Municipality will be able to pay the parking fee by sending a text message and using the mobile app ParkMeWise.


This mobile payment system will be possible in front of the Kranj Municipality building (KR1), on the plateau by the Brioni restaurant (KR2), by the Globus building and the library (KR3), in front of the Gorenjska banka (KR4), in Huje – along the Likozarjeva Street (KR5) and at the Jelenov klanec car park (KR6).


The system of texting for parking is very simple. After you have parked your car, you send an SMS message containing the zone (for example KR1) and your car’s registration plate to 4333. Then you will receive a free confirmation SMS message to which you are required to reply with DA and the number of hours you wish to park your car. A key advantage of this is that you can extend your parking time without having to return to your vehicle or put money in the meter. 15 minutes before the end of your parking time you will receive a free SMS message to which you can reply and simply extend your time. The parking fee paid by text messages will be added to your monthly bill of yourmobile telecommunications service provider.


ParkMeWise is a free app that enables you to use also other means of payment as well (PayPal, credit cards and Moneta). You can add credit to your account and save multiple registration plate numbers. You can check how much credit you have and you can see the history of your previous parking fee payments. Business accounts are also possible for this app. A link to download the app is available for both iOS  and Android operating systems.

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