Pr’ Končovc Farm was awarded the Slovenia Green Cuisine sustainability label

12. 05. 2022

A hundred years ago, the Pr’ Končovc farm was already famous throughout the region, and this year, it has received another sustainability label, Slovenia Green Cuisine. The environmentally friendly practices at this organic farm, located in the village of Javornik on the hill of St. Jošt, are indicative of modern trends in both the agricultural and gastronomic fields.


The farm contributes to the protection of the environment by, among other things, minimising the use of water, electricity and plastic waste in its farming and catering activities and by disposing of waste properly. They also encourage their guests to think sustainably and to respect nature.


The vision of the Pr’ Končovc Farm, the first holiday farm in the municipality of Kranj, is of course also evident in the dishes they prepare. They use seasonal ingredients that they produce themselves, as they strive to be as self-sufficient as possible and to live in harmony with animals and nature.


The dishes they offer are traditional, but, as they say themselves, they like to add or take away something to give them a modern twist. The farm caters for different tastes and tastes, offering vegetarian and vegan dishes alongside meat dishes.


The Slovenia Green Cuisine sustainability label is yet another reward for the Pr’ Končovc farm, as it was awarded the Green Key international environmental excellence label last year.


You can read more about Pr' Končovc organic farm here.


Photo: Vida Dimovska

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