Špičasti hrib

On this trail you have the luxury of not meeting too many people and it is especially pleasant in the summer, since most of the time it runs through the forest. There is a gravel road at the starting point in the direction of the “pointy hill” (indicated as Špičasti hrib).


On the left side of the road you can see a small decorated hut and there is also the signpost to the right, to the hill. At first, the path climbs steeply, but then it becomes a bit more level and rises only moderately. Cross the forest road and continue along the marked path. The path continues through the forest, on a not too steep ridge.


After you have crossed a slope, there is another steep climb. Then you cross a smaller road and arrive at a wooded ridge. The forest path leads to a fork that is well marked and there you follow the direction to Špičasti hrib. A bench and a box with a stamp await you on the top of the hill.


Difficulty: 3/5

Duration: 1h 30min

Difference in altitude: 427m

Starting point: Spodnja Besnica (fish farm – ribogojnica)

Destination: Špičasti hrib (837m)

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