St. Gregory's Day: 11 March 2017

Traditionally the first day of spring when one can hear the courtship of birds is the day when, following an old folk tradition, little lights are put into the Kokra River, illuminating the entire canyon beneath our town. You are welcome to feast your eyes on this view!


The lights will be placed into little boats called “gregorčki” that we will be building together with children at Kranjska Hiša, at the Khislstein 12.56 café and at the Layer House from 5pm on.


At 6pm we will meet in the canyon to let the gregorčki float down the River with the help of the firemen of Kranj. Just watch those lights announcing the coming of spring in the canyon which is the place in Kranj where one can see the first traces of the new life cycle.


When & Where?

  • Kranjska Hiša, Café 12.56 in the Khislstein castle and the Layerjeva House, 11 March at 5pm (workshops),
  • Kokre River canyon, under the high bridge, 11 March at 6pm (release of the “gregorčki”)
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