The Old Town

The old town is protected as a cultural monument. Make time for a leisurely stroll around the galleries, cafes and small shops. Discover our architectural and cultural heritage. In main squares around the world there are often statues of political or military leaders; Kranj, on the other hand, honours poets and artists. The biggest sculpture of Prešeren is located between the city theatre and the gothic Church of Saint Kancijan.


1. Khislstein Castle and city town walls with defence towers

The old town is surrounded by the town walls, once consisting of eight towers. Today, three of the towers, which once had a defence function, have been renovated and transformed into excellent venues for cultural experiences. The walls offer a view over the magnificent gardens and summer theatre of Khislstein Castle.  


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2. Museum of Gorenjska with the Museum Trail

The regional museum will impress you with discoveries from the early Stone Age and Roman times. Lamellar armour is a rarely-preserved find of the local elite of the 6th century, when Kranj was the largest centre of the Slavs in Slovenia. The museum trail reveals the city's history at a glance.


3. Famous old town houses

The old town is rich with houses which are a vivid memory of the Bourgeoisie Era in Kranj. Take a look the most beautiful ones: the Mitničar House, the Pavšlar House and the old Town Hall. They have beautiful paintings on their walls. For centuries they combined business activity on the ground floor with residential space on the upper floors. The Layer House is now a famous cultural meeting point.

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