The Tastes of Winter

Delicious sweets and drinks taste particularly good in cold winter days and they warm our bodies and hearts. The Brioni restaurant and café, the café Kavarna in cukrarija and the bar Panorama Stara pošta helped us prepare the following list of ideas. They warmly invite you to try their tasty suggestions yourself.


The Brioni restaurant and café



Brioni is a must for gourmets and connoisseurs who enjoy good food and delicious drinks. The restaurant is known for its fresh ingredients and everything they offer is prepared by them – from bread, cakes and tarts, ice cream, natural syrups to daily menus. In the café you will find a variety of interesting winter drinks, so you you’ll be spoiled for choice.


You definitely have to try their winter white coffee with its creamy cloud, vanilla, cinnamon and crispy meringues. A feast for the eyes and a delight for the palate! Their recipes for warm lemonades will help you fight viruses with their high vitamin C content. They are prepared from freshly squeezed lemon juice and refined with winter fruits. You can choose between ginger lemonade with grapefruit and cayenne pepper, tangerine lemonade with star anise or cranberry lemonade with cloves.


The café Kavarna in cukrarija



As soon as you enter this pastry shop, you will be captivated by the stunning aromas of cakes and sweets that are being baked right here almost before your eyes. Tasty cakes, desserts and salty pastries never go out and are offered here to enjoy them with your coffee. The ambience is warm and comfortable like in a living room at home!


This winter the people who run the café decided to be a bit playful and to offer classic winter drinks as well as playful ones. And so Vasja came into being, a tasty mixture of VAnilla, cream or Smetana and apple puree (apple – JAbolko in Slovenian) with cinnamon and cloves, freshly prepared right there in the pastry shop. There is also the special hazelnut cake made of chocolate sponge, hazelnut cream from roasted hazelnuts and sour cherry pudding in chocolate icing that melt deliciously on your tongue.


The bar Panorama Stara pošta



Above the roofs of Kranj you will find an urban jungle that will spoils you with aits pleasant ambience, lush interior, the best view in town and excellent food and beverages. Panorama Stara pošta is a place for everyone who likes to enjoy such pampering.


In this winter season you absolutely have to try drink called wintergarten, a pleasant alcoholic and aromatic drink that warms you and its fruity taste already gives you a hint of the coming spring days. A real hit among the guests is their panna cotta. The confectioner Andreja Kotlovšek prepares it with natural ingredients, in several variations and with a lot of love.

Health minister warns: “Excessive alcohol consumption is a threat to your health.”


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