Tip for a trip: New walking trails to Jamnik and around Podblica

Nature in spring is inviting and the countryside around Kranj offers many opportunities to explore and discover its beauty by taking trips to the hills and mountains.


You surely have already admired the images of the little church on the hill of Jamnik. If you haven’t yet seen it in person, you now have the chance to try the newly marked walking trails around it. They will take you through the surrounding hills, from Nemilje to Jamnik and then further to Bela peč or to Mohor and Dražgoše.


In the village of Podblica, you can visit an organic farm or Metka’s place and purchase some of her home-made biscuits. From the top of the Bela peč hill, you will have a magnificent view of the Gorenjska region and the hill of Jamnik that will soon become your favourite destination for a short trip.


Tourist walking trails at a glance: 
Nemilje–Jamnik: 1 hour 
Jamnik–Bela peč: 1,5 hours 
Nemilje–Mohor: 1,5 hours 
Nemilje–Dražgoše: 1,5 hours 
Tehnika Meta: 0,5 hours


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