Tip for Trip: St. Lawrence by the Storžič Mountain

The hiking tour is 6.4 kilometres long and it has 300 metres difference in altitude. It is charming in all seasons and appropriate for people of all ages.


The little church is a favourite destination for short trips and people usually walk there from the quarry above the village of Bašelj, but there is also a well marked circular nature trail,called Pot pod Storžičem. You can find it next to the parking lot about six hundred metres above the village of Povlje and then you follow it through the forest.


Soon it turns towards a footpath and goes on along paths that were dug into the ground to transport logs from the forest. Then you walk past the little mills and the Brinca cascades of the Milka creek that will take you to saddle behind the St. Lawrence Mountain, where a wonderful view will open up. The marked trail will lead you from there to the church of St. Lawrence, one of the oldest churches in the area. Its surroundings offer an opportunity for a pleasant relaxation in the kingdom of the Storžič Mountain. From here, the path goes downwards to the Dom na Lovrencu cottage, where you can enjoy fresh doughnuts and other home-made delicacies.



On your way back to the valley, just follow the road through the forest and after you pass some holiday homes, turn towards the village of Babni Vrt. The village was named after the fenced-in garden of a countess that was carefully taken care of by local women, so-called babe. After having walked along the asphalt road for a few metres, you turn left to the forest path that will lead you back to Povlje.