Toll House

This house from 1527 is one of the most important buildings in Kranj. It is an example of the early town house with its overhanging first floor. The painted façade has been rebuilt and renovated several times and is its very special feature. Its location above the Kokra River canyon and the rich history give this house its special charm.


Nowadays it is full of bustling life, since one of the biggest bars in Kranj, Mitnica, is located in this house. In winters, you can warm yourself indoors and in summer it is pleasantly cool on the terrace!



  • Location: Tavčarjeva ulica 35, 4000 Kranj (Google Maps)

  • Opening hours: 

Mon.-Wed.: 7am-11pm

Thur.: 7am-1am

Fri.-Sat.: 7am-3am

Sun.: 4pm-10pm

  • Entrance fee: /
  • Contact: Mitnica Bar / tel: 00 386 40 678 778 / mitnica@siol.net
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