European Masters Championship in Water Sports

26 August–9 September 2018 | Olympic swimming pool Kranj



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Programme in Kranj


26 August (Sunday) at 9am
27 August (Monday) at 9am
28 August (Tuesday) at 9am
29 August (Wednesday) at 9am
30 August (Thursday) at 9am
31 August (Friday) at 9am


Further information can be found here.


2 September (Sunday) at 8am
800m Freestyle M
800m Freestyle W
4x50m Mixed M
4x50m Mixed W


3 September (Monday) at 8am
200m Freestyle W
200m Freestyle M
50m Breaststroke W 
50m Breaststroke M
100m Butterfly W
100m Butterfly M


4 September (Tuesday) at 8am
200m Breaststroke W 
200m Breaststroke M 
50m Freestyle W
50m Freestyle M
100m Backstroke W 
100m Backstroke M
4x50m Mixed M/W


5 September (Wednesday) at 8am
200m Individual mixed W
200m Individual mixed M
400m Freestyle W
400m Freestyle M
4x50m Freestyle W
4x50m Freestyle M


6 September (Thursday) at 8am
200m Backstroke W
200m Backstroke M
50m Butterfly W
50m Butterfly M
100m Freestyle W
100m Freestyle M
4x50m Freestyle Mixed


7 September (Friday) at 8am
200m Butterfly W 
200m Butterfly M
50m Backstroke W
50m Backstroke M

100m Breaststroke W 
100m Breaststroke M


Further information can be found here.