International Festival of Contemporary Collage – KAOS

31 May – 10 August 2024
Various venues

31 May – 10 August 2024

Every summer, the KAOS International Festival of Contemporary Collage in Kranj presents the contemporary art of collage and is one of the most important art exhibitions in the region.

The festival takes place at various locations in the centre of Kranj: Layer House, Škrlovec Tower, Old Town Hall, Small Gallery, Kovačnica, La Ciotat Park, Mergentaler Street Gallery, Gallery on the Spot.

In view of the growing awareness and knowledge of the complexity of human existence, this year’s festival focuses on the theme Beneath the Surface: Who are we, what is hidden, what (still) needs to be discovered, where and how, in what way. The exhibitions refer to this central theme and deal with the manifestation of human reactions in today’s complex world, where true feelings often remain below the surface, be it due to social expectations, stereotypical inhibitions, oversaturation or a loss of contact with oneself. The current times do not allow most people to take time for themselves. Time for their own unique perception of their own being and surroundings.

More than 70 Slovenian and international artists are taking part in the 5th international festival KAOS. Saskia Reis, Carmen Alvar Beltrán, María Elisa Quiaro, Oliver Pilić, Bodo Korsig, DNLM, Chris Kenny, Duša Jesih, Leon Zuodar, Silvia Beltrami, Suzana Brborović, Giuseppe Ragazzini, Pim Palsgraaf, Michella Taegi, Phil Carney, Iva Tratnik, Ana Čavić, Maja Babič Košir, Nevena Aleksovski, Consuelo Zatta, Neža Perovšek, Petja Kolenko and many others.

This year, the festival is also collaborating with the Kranj Fine Arts Society and presenting works by students from the Secondary School of Design and Photography in Ljubljana.

Programm 2024

Friday, 31 May
18.00: Guided tour of the festival exhibitions with artists and curators: Adrijan Praznik, Iva Tratnik, Danilo Milovanović, Leon Zuodar, Maja Babič Košir, Maria Elisa Quiaro, Maruša Štibelj, Nevena Aleksovski, Oliver Pilić, Saskia Reis, Layer House, Janez Puhar Gallery – Škrlovec Tower, Cellar of the Old Town Hall, Pungert Tower, Gallery on the Spot, Atrium of the Kovačnica, La Ciotat Park, Small Gallery of the Kranj Fine Arts Society
19.30: Opening of the KAOS festival, Layer House
20.00: KAOS vibes, RAKETA, Layer House

Saturday, 1 June
10.00: NEBO puppet theatre: Abežeda, performance for children aged 3+, Layer House
11.00: Miniatures, guided tour of the exhibition with curator Maria Elisa Quiaro, Layer House
17.00: Illustration + Collage, lecture and workshop by Eva Mlinar, 14 years+ [KAOS_encounters], Layer House

Sunday, 2 June
18.00: Animated Collage 1, workshop with Domen Dimovski, 14 years+ [KAOS_encounters], Layer House

Saturday, 8 June
17.00: Book collages, workshop with Slađana Matič Trstenjak [KAOS_ encounters], Fragmenti antique bookshop
19.00: Talk with artists: Petja Kolenko, Nevena Aleksovski, Iva Tratnik, Layer House

Sunday, 9 June
18.00: Animated Collage 2, workshop with Domen Dimovski, from 14 years+ [KAOS_encounters], Layer House

Saturday, 15 June
19.00: If Paradise Is As Half As Nice #8, documentary screening, 56′, Layer House

Friday, 21 June
21.00: KAOS x KRAFFT vibes: Leon Z. Slabe, Matic Mikola, Rok Zalokar, Miha Kraker, Nils Rošker, music (jazz-hop, chill out, groove), Layer House

Thursday, 27 June
17.00: Collage and woodcut, workshop with Oliver Pilić [KAOS_encounters], Kovačnica

Saturday, 29 June
11.00: Guided tour with curator Maruša Štibelj, all exhibition spaces
18.00: A Walk into the Inner Wilderness, collage workshop with natural materials and Jasmina Ferček, Kokra River Canyon, meeting point: Layer House

Saturday, 6 July
18.00: Talk with artist Rebecca Elizegi: collage therapy, Zoom
21.00: KAOS vibes: Počeni škafi, concert, Layer House

Friday, 12 July
17.00: Street art workshop with Petya Kolenko and opening of the exhibition [KAOS_encounters], Mergentaler Street Gallery

Saturday, 10 August
11.00: Guided tour of the festival exhibitions, all exhibition spaces
17.00: Reactions beneath the surface, workshop with Jasmina Ferček, meeting point: Layer House
18.00: Conversation with artists, Layer House
21.00: KAOS vibes, music, Layer House

* The organiser reserves the right to change the programme, see here for the latest information.