Prešeren Fair

6 - 8 February 2021 | Squares and streets of the old town

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6. - 8. February 2021

The Prešeren Fair is dedicated to the memory of our greatest poet, Dr. France Prešeren, and is one of the most popular events on the occasion of the Slovenian day of culture. This year it will take place from 6 to 8 February with many online events, a street gallery and an interesting fair with market stalls in the old town of Kranj.


Cultural events will be taking place on websites and social networks. You’ll be able to listen to the recitation of the famous drinking song in the Prešeren Theater Kranj and the lecture by Ddr. Verena Vidrih Perko on archaeological finds that provide confirmation of poetic view of France Prešeren's past life in Slovenia. Nik Škrlec will show young people who are this year's Prešeren Prize laureates, what their professions are and what their personalities are like. On the day of culture, the Prešeren Theatre invites you to watch its performances, one entitled Dr. Prešeren and the other Rajzefiber or Travel Fever. There will also be a virtual exhibition with various portraits of France Prešeren, where you can see how a number of painters, sculptors, illustrators, caricaturists and even comic artists after his death tried to imagine what he looked like.


The streets of Kranj will be transformed into a gallery to replace the cultural institutions of Kranj which unfortunately at the moment cannot open their doors that wide. The street exhibition in memory of France Prešeren, which can be seen in the old town, was created as a collaboration between the Prešeren Theatre, the City Library, the Gorenjska Museum, the Layer House and the Kranj Tourism and Culture Board. The art project Culture on Hold, presenting cultural content created during lockdown, can be viewed on display boards in Kranj and the surrounding area until March.


Every year on the Day of Culture, the prestigious Gathering of the Muses on the Carniolan Parnassus takes place in Kranj, when artists who have been awarded the Prešeren Award and the Prešeren Foundation Award come together. Portraits of the laureates by photographer Tone Stojko are exhibited in the “On the Spot” street gallery in front of the City Library and in the Gallery of Prešeren Award Laureates. This year, you will be able to watch sparkling conversations between Patricija Maličev and the laureates of the Prešeren award on television or on the internet.


While you stroll through the old town and check out its cultural events, you can stop by the fair, taking place in a limited scaope every day from 9am to 3pm. Music and poetry readings will be heard from speakers throughout the old town, and the streets there will remain festively lit and decorated until the national day of culture. You could also stop by the Prešeren Grove, the former city cemetery, and visit the grave of Dr. France Prešeren to pay homage to the great poet.


You are warmly invited to visit Kranj, the city that on the day of culture is transformed into a true cultural heart of Slovenia