Hike Triglavs Seven Lakes Valley with Professional Guide & Photographer

The Valley of the Seven Lakes Valley or the Triglav Lakes is an Alpine glacial valley. The valley itself is the result of the mighty overthrust of the Slatna plate, whereas the formation of the lakes on the karstified ground was enabled by the impermeable sediments. The Valley of the Triglav Lakes has been protected as a national park since 1924, boasts a varied terrain, interesting flora and fauna, fossils and Alpine animals. The Valley is also known for its well-developed karst phenomena and the story of Zlatorog.


The Tour is for 1 person minimum and 4 maximum and it is Kid Friendly. 


More information:

Duration: 1 day



399 € / person

299 € / person for two participants

199 € / person for three or four participants

(VAT included)


Included in the price: 

– Professional Hiking Guide with Photography tips & tricks Lunch

– Transport
– Water
– Hiking poles


The price does not include any personal hiking gear or any kind of insurance.


Minimum number of participants: 1

Maximum number of participants: 4


For this hike you will need comfortable hiking clothing, good hiking boots, hat, jacket and sunscreen. You need to have basic fitness endurance. 


In case of a bad weather (heavy rain / snow or hail) the hike is postponed.


Event organizer:


Slovenia To Go

Studio Solis,

Gregor Eržen s.p.
Župančičeva 35
4000 Kranj
+386 31 671 670



Tour guide:

Grega Eržen

GSM: 00386 31 671 670


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