Trips to Nature

Make sure that you use your city break in Kranj for outdoor activities. The Šmarjetna Mountain and St. Jošt are ideal for a short hikes, for when you wish to savour the view of the mountains and valleys.


The Kokra and Sava rivers and their banks are an opportunity for an even more immediate escape to nature. Walks and picnics can be enjoyed also in theBrdo Park, while cycling routes past the little lakes in Bobovek and the Udin Boršt forest offer an excellent view of the high mountain peaks. The green countryside is intermingled with forest legends and stories from centuries of history, one of them even from prehistory, the story of the mammoth from Kokrica.


Are you planning a picnic in nature? We warmly recommend you to try the home-made delicacies from family farms and inns along the way. The beauty of nature, countryside anecdotes and the homely feeling at the farms can be experienced by bike, by car or by bus that can be found at the main bus station in Kranj.


1. Kokra River Canyon

A special feature of Kranj is the fact that the town rises above a 30 metres deep canyon. Just before joining the Sava River, the Kokra has dug a narrow and steep gorge that can be entered just a moment away from Glavni Trg, the main square of Kranj. Its rich flora and fauna can be seen in the broad range of tree species, flowers, birds, fish and other animals. With prior announcement at the Kranjska hiše (TIC), you can book a guided tour of the canyon.


2. Trboje Lake

The Sava River also runs through a canyon called Zarica after leaving Kranj behind, then becomes wider and is transformed into the lake of Trboje. On its left bank, this is an exquisite destination for boating and outdoor activities and the right bank has restaurants with grilled trout just waiting to be discovered. The Trboje Lake is home to many aquatic birds and interesting species of plants that are typical for the mountains. There is an educational path from Drulovka to Breg ob Savi, calledPot Jeprškega Učitelja, path of the teacher from Jeprca. The Sava and Kokra rivers offer many opportunities for relaxation, recreation and fishing.


3. Šum Waterfall

The Šum waterfall is situated10 kilometres west from Kranj, in the Nova vas village close to Zgornja Besnica. It is 20 metres high and there is a forest path running along itsNemiljščica creek. You can follow it upstream and reach the Roman baths that have been described in the 17th century by Valvasor in his book The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola. In 1954, two small pools were built at the source where the water is around 20° C. People with rheumatism were visiting it then, but today only the ruins of the pools can be seen.


4. Brdo Park

The Brdo estate is a national monument and a real treat for tourists. This pearl is only a 10 minutes drive away from the centre of Kranj and it is a microcosm of Slovenia, including the white Lipizzaner horses and painted beehives. Its former owners, the Zois family, were considered to be the wealthiest Carniolans of the 18th century. The renaissance castle is now our most important venue for state visits, where Slovenian and also world leaders meet. Its surroundings are ideal for relaxing walks along beautiful ponds, parks and gardens where you can experience the green treasury of Slovenia.


5. Little lakes of Bobovek

Through idyllic villages, past meadows and fields goes the way from Kranj to the large ponds in Bobovek. It is only one hour’s walk, 20 minutes by bike or 10 minutes by car and one arrives at these lakes that emerged centuries ago after clay has been dug here. It is the same place under the Alps where 180 thousand years ago mammoths used to roam and archaeological sites could prove this. These lakes offer an excellent opportunity to freshen up in the summer and to relax at their green banks in the spring and autumn.


6. Udin Boršt

Udin Boršt is a forest on karstified terrain with dolines, ponors and smaller karst caves with dripstones like the Adraš Hole in which the local people were hiding at the time of the Turkish invasions. In the Udin Boršt memorial park, you can find yourself in an adventure, full of legends about the outlaws, beggars without a homeland who have left a strong mark on these places. The trip to the forest can be combined with a visit to the villages on its western edge (Polica, Duplje and Žiganja vas). There are good cycling and hiking paths through the forest.


7. Šmarjetna gora and St. Jošt

Do you wish to enjoy an expansive view of mountains and valleys? The green peaks of Kranj, Šmarjetna gora and St. Jošt are ideal for short hikes and can be reached directly from the town centre, preferably by foot or by mountain bike. When the weather is good, one fifth of Slovenia can be seen from the Šmarjetna Mountain! And St. Jošt awaits you with its mountain cottage, Dom na Joštu, where the delicious smell from the kitchen brings you some home-madeštruklji.

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