Tunnels under the old town of Kranj

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Did you know that secret tunnels are hidden under the historic town centre? They were built during WW2 and were fist used as shelters for the population of Kranj. The tunnels through the conglomerate rock stretch across 1300 metres. They are man-made, but the climate there is similar to natural caves, so there are dripstones and rare animals like cave crickets and cave orbweavers. Inside a tunnel, you can take a look at an exhibition on the history of the underground of Kranj and its builders,Josip Slavec and Josip Dedek. There is also an exhibition of minerals and fossils and a reconstruction of a WW2 shelter where you can witness a simulation of an airstrike. When the Tunnels under the old town of Kranj were opened to the public, they received an award for creative and innovative achievements in Slovenian tourism – the silver Sejalec. Explore the network of the underground of Kranj that lies hidden under our historic town and join a guided tour.