VIDEO: Kranj, Cultural Heart of Slovenia

The Tourism and Culture Board from Kranj uses various appoaches in promoting the visibility and reputation of our town. With everything that Kranj has to offer, it is an interesting destination for tourists and we would like to present it as such to visitors from Slovenia and abroad.


For this purpose we made a short film to show you the beauties of this town through the eyes and hands of the local painter Maruša Štibelj. Kranj and its stories are the source of her inspiration and they are also the reason why Kranj is the cultural heart of Slovenia.


With this film, we would like to speak to anyone who wishes to dedicate their time to exploring old towns becuse they are interested in history, culture and art and they enjoy visiting museums and galleries. We would like to send them the message that our town and all it has to offer is an inspiring place which is fond of its visitors and a pleasant place to explore.


This film is like an artistic postcard of Kranj and a call to tourists. We are planning more short films in the future, dedicated to themes that are specific to Kranj. 


VIDEO: Kranj, Cultural Heart of Slovenia


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