Winter Adventures with Guinness World Record Holders

Andrej and Marija Štremfelj are world-class mountaineers. They like to conquer the highest peaks and the toughest trails in all corners of the Earth, pushing climbing boundaries. Among other achievements, they were the first married couple to stand together on the top of Mount Everest, the roof of the world, and this was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records.

This winter also you can climb to some peaks of the Gorenjska region in their company. We believe that the experiences and wisdom that they will share with you are an invaluable experience and the beauty of Slovenian nature is a memory that you will be able to cherish for all time.


Kočna is a mighty mountain peak in the middle of Kranj panorama. Its western ridge offers a long, yet not very demanding tour with exceptional views in a wild and remote environment. Find out more about this here.


Popular Kramarca is one of the most suitable routes for beginners, for those who would like more than just normal approaches to the peaks in winter. Low price estimation should not underestimate the route, as the entry jump can be quite complicated bite in the case of less snowy winter. Find out more about this here.


The summit of Triglav is more lonely in the winter than during the summer crowds. Winter ascent is a bigger challenge and is among the medium-sized winter climbs on our two thousand metre mountains. With the mountain guide, everything is much easier and safer. Such a climbing can be affordable by mountaineers who do not have much experience for winter conditions. The ascent to Kredarica cottage through the valley of Krma is technically simple. Find out more about this here.


Ski touring and off-piste skiing become one of the most popular activity in mountains. We offer ski touring to Mt. Begunščica, Mt. Stol, Triglav Haute Route adventure and others, depending on your skiing experience and physical conditions. Find out more about this here.


The waterfall on the slope of the Ledinski vrh freezes over almost every year due to exactly the right amounts of water and the cool shadow of Ravenska Kočna. In combination with the upper waterfall, this climb is already a serious tour through the wild nature of the Alps. Find out more about this here.


The Sinji Waterfall is one of the most popular ice-climbing waterfalls in Slovenia. It requires a fit mountaineer and is still suitable for beginners of ice climbing. Find out more about this here.


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